What Are The Best Google Adsense Alternatives In 2023?

Generally, most bloggers go for Adsense, as it’s one of the most famous Advertising platforms. Little did they know it’s also a low-paying advertisement program. 

There are many platforms that pay more and have fewer requirements. If you want to know about these high-paying ad networks, be with me till the end of this article. I’ll discuss the 11 best high-paying Google Adsense alternatives for publishers. 

These platforms have higher revenue potential, more flexibility, and a wider range of monetization options for bloggers and website owners. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the best Google Adsense alternatives to consider.

Why Consider Google AdSense Alternatives to Monetize?

Considering alternatives for Google Adsense is essential because AdSense comes with strict guidelines and tough approval processes. 

Even if your blog gets approved, the earnings might be lower compared to other platforms, especially for smaller bloggers with limited traffic. This is why you should go for other Adsense alternatives. 

Having an alternative means you can diversify your income streams and potentially earn more. By using two ad platforms simultaneously, you can maximize your earnings and have a backup in case one doesn’t perform well. 

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5 Reasons For Using Google AdSense Alternative

  • Easy Approval: Other ad platforms are easier to start with because they don’t have strict rules so that you can make money from your website or blog more quickly.
  • Low Income: AdSense may not pay much, especially if your website is new or doesn’t have many visitors. Other platforms can help you make more money.
  • Content Rules: AdSense has strict rules about what your website can have on it. This might limit how you can make money.
  • Sharing Money: With AdSense, you get only 68% of the money the ads make, while Google keeps 32%. Adsense alternative platforms give you a bigger share of the money.
  • More Income Sources: Using other ad platforms along with AdSense lets you make money in different ways. This means you don’t rely on just one platform, and you can earn more money

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Top 11 Finest Google Adsense Alternatives in 2023

Here are my top 11 favourite Adsense alternatives for publishers in 2023. I’ve personally used some of them on my own websites, while others have performed exceptionally well for my clients. That means you can trust all platforms without giving a second thought. 

1- Media.net – Contextual Advertising Network

The first best high-paying Google Adsense alternative is Media.net. You can easily 3x your Adsense income with this platform if your audience is from tier 1 countries. 

As a publisher, you’re free to select the type of ads on your website, whether you want a video ad, native ad, or sidebar ad. It also has an advanced algorithm that makes sure the ads on your website are strictly relevant to the content for better results and an increase in revenue. 

What I like most is the user-friendly dashboard. Thanks to this, you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning to understand the report and analytics. Just make sure you meet the guidelines of approval; some of them are having quality content, unique content, organic traffic, and so forth. 

2- PropellerAds – Best Push Ad Network

Another way to monetize your website is by using PropellerAds. It’s a leading platform in the blogging world that offers high payouts. The setup is easy; you don’t need to hire someone for the approval process. 

The platform provides you full control over the ads; you can choose the type of ad you want to show, how many times it will show, and add geographic locations and devices for better performance. 

This high level of customization empowers you to maximize your earnings while delivering a tailored ad experience to your audience. If you don’t want to do the customization yourself, you can use their AI for ad optimization. 

3- Adsterra – Best CPM Ad Network

Adsterra differs slightly from other advertisement platforms as it pays twice monthly on 1-2 and 16-17. 

What makes Adsterra especially appealing is its diverse range of browser-friendly ad formats. This includes popunder ads, a social bar with in-page push notifications, native banners seamlessly integrating with your content, video ads, etc. 

The CPM rate is relatively higher, making monetizing your website or blog the best. Just know that you must have a decent amount of traffic on the website. Adsterra refuses websites with extremely limited audiences or viewership.

4- Mediavine – Best Ad Network for Publishers

Mediavine is another one of the best Google Adsense alternatives for monetization. I’ve been using this platform for one of my blogs, and the earnings have been skyrocketing. 

The only issue with this platform is its strict guidelines. For example, your site must have a domain name (subdomains aren’t acceptable), and you need at least 50,000 sessions, according to Google Analytics 4 in the last 30 days. The content of your site should be unique, engaging, and in a long-form format; thin pages or low-value content aren’t acceptable.

 Additionally, if your application gets approved, you’ll have to remove all other ad services. If you’re willing to adhere to these guidelines, your blog can easily generate income that’s ten times more than what you’d get with Adsense. 

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5- Monetag

Monetag offers a straightforward way to earn from various types of traffic, whether it’s through mobile apps, plugins, extensions, or websites. The process is simple: visit the official website and sign up as a publisher. 

Provide all your details, and keep in mind that you may also need to scan your ID or passport for the verification process. Once you’ve signed up, add your site and await approval. The guidelines are similar to Google Adsense, so if Google Adsense already approves your site, the chances of approval here are high.

 The best part is that Monetag doesn’t restrict its publishers to just one advertising platform; you can use Ezoic, Media.net, Adsense, or any other platform alongside Monetag.

6- AdThrive AKA Raptive

The next platform I’ve selected for you to try in 2023 is the AdThrive, now known as Raptive. It’s not popular compared to Adsense but gives publishers high payouts. 

AdThrive provides high-quality ads that cater to your audience’s preferences. However, it’s important to note that their guidelines are quite strict. Your website should meet the minimum traffic requirement and ideally have around 100,000 page views per month. 

Another noticeable point is that your audience should be from top-tier countries. If you meet these requirements, AdThrive (Raptive) could be a lucrative choice to boost your earnings.

7- Skimlinks

Skimlinks isn’t like Google Adsense, which pays you for displaying ads. Instead, it’s an affiliate advertising program that pays you whenever someone makes a purchase through the links, similar to the Amazon partnership program. 

The commission rates of Skimlinks are high, allowing you to earn more than a typical Adsense site. Besides that, I appreciate the user-friendly dashboard to maintain the best possible user experience. It makes the process of viewing important account insights, such as sales and clicks, super easy. 

This combination of generous commissions and a user-friendly interface makes Skimlinks an enticing option for publishers looking to boost their earnings.

8- She Media

The eighth top alternative to Adsense is She Media, a Google-certified publishing partner specializing in content related to women. 

As the name implies, this platform looks for websites with around 70% female traffic, ideally receiving 20,000 or more monthly pageviews. They prefer organic traffic from tier-one countries, and the website should ideally be around three months old. 

If you meet these criteria, applying is a straightforward process that doesn’t take much time. You can expect a response within a week. If your application isn’t successful, you can reapply after waiting for six months.

9- SetupAds

SetupAds is another alternative to Google Adsense. It offers a range of ad formats, including billboards, leaderboards, and sidebars. All ads will be tailored to your content for excellent responsiveness and to generate good income. 

However, it’s worth noting that you may require monthly 100k or more website traffic for approval. A few of my friends have secured approval with lower traffic, but the sites were really good, and these are only a few cases I know of, so it’s best to get some traffic before applying.  

Another thing you should know is the initial payment is made after 60 days, followed by a 30-day payment cycle. Also, you must reach a minimum payout threshold of $100 to receive earnings.

10- Ezoic – Top Ad Network for Content Publishers

Ezoic is known as one of the biggest Adsense competitors that helps publishers by paying better ad revenue without the need for high traffic. There’s no strict minimum traffic requirement, but having approximately 5,000 to 10,000 monthly views can increase your chances of approval.

I appreciate Ezoic’s overall ad performance. While some claim it may slow down websites, I haven’t experienced this issue. The dashboard is user-friendly and suitable for beginners and experienced bloggers alike. 

Also, Ezoic can be used alongside Adsense. Instead of replacing Adsense, just apply for Ezoic if you have decent traffic and high-value content.

11- Bidvertiser

The last Adsense alternative to make money as a publisher is Bidvertiser. It’s also a popular Google AdSense alternative that offers the best user experience. 

Bidvertiser use smart technology powered by AI to put ads where they make the most money for you. They have different types of ads like banners, pop-ups, sliders, and smart links for you to pick based on what’s good for your website and visitors.

The best thing is you can get paid when you’ve earned just $10, so even if you’re a smaller publisher, you can start making money sooner. 

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Final Words

I’ve shared the list of Adsense alternatives; they all are best for bloggers who want a replacement for Adsense to earn better. These options offer diversity, higher payouts, and flexibility, catering to various website types and traffic levels. 

Just don’t forget that each platform has some rules and regulations for publishers; websites that don’t meet these requirements won’t get approval. Therefore, before applying, invest time in improving your blog and ensure it aligns with the specific guidelines of your chosen platform. 

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adsterra better than AdSense?

Yes, Adsterra is better than Google Adsense, not only because it pays publishers a good revenue but also because of the diverse range of ads. It allows publishers to choose ad types like native ads, push notifications, and so forth. 

Is Ezoic better than AdSense?

Regarding revenue, Ezoic is one of the best alternatives to Adsense ads. It allows you to monetize easily and pay higher ad revenues, especially if your website has decent traffic and valuable content.

Is Google AdSense still profitable?

Yes, Google Adsense is still profitable. You can easily monetize your traffic and earn good revenue if you use Google Adsense, but remember, the payout won’t be as high as other Adsense competitors. 

What is the minimum traffic we need for Google Adsense approval?

There’s no specific traffic limit for Google Adsense approval. Nevertheless, applying when your website is two to three months old is advisable because, during this time, Google begins indexing articles that generate organic traffic, potentially improving your approval chances.

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