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Meet me Khizer Ishtiaq, your dedicated SEO consultant, and Virtual SEO Assistant. As a white hat SEO specialist, I am committed to taking the burden of SEO off your shoulders.With my expertise in White-Hat SEO Optimization, your website will achieve higher search engine rankings while adhering to best SEO practices.

Hire me as your Dedicated SEO Consultant to meet your requirements:


Hire me as your professional SEO virtual assistant and remote SEO strategist:


Minimum 5 Hours


Email, Skype, Phone



Hiring Period:

Not Applicable


Hire me for your SEO needs as a part-time dedicated SEO expert to meet your specific Google SEO Requirements:


4/hours per day, 3 days/week


Email, Skype, Phone



Hiring Period:

Minimum 1 Month


Hire me as your full-time dedicated SEO expert to boost your search engine rankings using proven White-Hat SEO techniques. 


8/hours per day, 5 days/week


Email, Skype, Phone



Hiring Period:

Minimum 6 Months

Why Should You Hire a Dedicated SEO Expert ?

If you’re tired of big SEO agencies charging thousands of dollars for services but delivering nothing more than fancy SEO reports, it’s time to make a change. As a dedicated SEO expert, I understand the struggle and complexity involved in hiring the right SEO specialist. That’s why I’m here to help you skip the groundwork and gain a competitive edge without the hassle. One of the primary reasons to hire a dedicated SEO expert is to minimize expenses while still getting professional SEO services. With my expertise as a Google SEO expert and a white hat SEO specialist, you can find the best rates in the industry without compromising on skillsets. I offer personalized attention and BeSpoke SEO strategies that large agencies simply can’t match. You’ll get the best value for your investment, ensuring high-quality SEO services at competitive rates.

When you hire me, Khizer Ishtiaq, you get more than just SEO services; you get a trusted SEO consultant. I’ll closely monitor your SEO rankings, continuously optimizing and adapting strategies to ensure your site stays ahead of the competition. My hands-on approach means I work directly with you, understanding your unique needs and business goals to create an effective SEO plan. As an organic SEO expert, my focus is on sustainable growth and long-term success, ensuring your website gains and maintains a strong online presence.

Investing in a dedicated SEO expert means you avoid the frustration of dealing with impersonal, cookie-cutter solutions from large agencies. Instead, you benefit from a focused, strategic approach that drives real results. My commitment to white hat SEO practices ensures that your website’s growth is ethical and sustainable, adhering to all of Google’s guidelines and white hat seo practices.

10 Signs Your Business Desperately Needs a Dedicated SEO Expert

If you're seeing inconsistent or declining traffic on your website, Khizer Ishtiaq, as a dedicated SEO expert, can diagnose and reverse this trend.

If visitors are leaving your site quickly, Khizer Ishtiaq, a freelance SEO expert, can identify the issues and develop strategies to enhance user engagement.

If your website struggles to rank in the top search results, Khizer Ishtiaq, a Google SEO expert, knows the effective tactics to boost your SEO performance.

If your website's optimization isn't meeting standards, Khizer Ishtiaq, a remote SEO expert, has the skills to refine and optimize your SEO efforts.

If you've invested heavily in SEO services without seeing results, Khizer Ishtiaq offers the expertise that can make a real difference.

If you are struggling to understand Google's algorithm updates affecting your site, Khizer Ishtiaq, as a Google SEO expert, can provide clarity and adaptive strategies.

If your website traffic isn’t converting into customers, Khizer Ishtiaq, a remote SEO expert, specializes in conversion optimization to enhance your sales.

If your competitors are outpacing you, Khizer Ishtiaq, a dedicated SEO expert, has the competitive insights to help you regain and surpass your market position.

If It's You Then Schedule A Meeting Now With Dedicated SEO Expert Khizer Ishtiaq!

Uplift Your Website's Search Rankings with a Google SEO Expert

A thorough and step-by-step approach to earning your business goals by hiring a dedicated SEO Expert remotely
  • Brainstorming

    Let's dive more into the dimensions of your business to analyse what are you lacking and specify your business goals and targets.

  • Research

    Using my promising SEO strategies, I will choose the best keywords for your business to rank better.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Through comprehensive research on your top competitors, I’ll make sure you offer something better than them.

  • Content Development

    Creating engaging and accurate content with the use of the right keywords that your customers and Google will love.

  • Proactive Strategy

    Continuous consultation and strategy implementation to sustain the flow of organic traffic to your website.

  • Guaranteed Results

    You will witness the results like sustained higher ranking in Google search results, improved web traffic, recognition of your business among your customers and greater revenue.

Here's Why Khizer Ishtiaq Is the Ideal Freelance SEO Expert

  • Learned Through Industry Experts

    An SEO expert, keeping his game strong by upgrading his skills continuously through leading industry experts.

  • Highly Experienced

    Relevant experience of more than a decade in SEO and digital marketing to deliver excellence at all levels.

  • Accurate Data Analytics

    Getting leads through accurate data analytics to work on the planned SEO strategies, getting the desired outcome.

  • Extensive Solutions

    Khizer Ishtiaq’s problem-solving approach to developing extensive solutions for all your digital domains.

  • In-Depth SEO Feedback

    Keeping you updated with detailed analysis of our SEO strategies and their potential output within the specified time.

  • Affordability

    I help you achieve your business goals with my highly affordable SEO services at your convenience.

  • Custom Proposals/Packages

    You get to choose according to your preference from my customized plans, making it work your own way.

  • Work Transparency

    I work with honesty without misleading you about my progress or fooling you around.

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