Do Custom GMB Profile Services Also Impact Rankings?

Yes! Adding custom services to Google Business profile impacts ranking.

However, the question arises about how much this phenomenon is influential and how businesses should implement it.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to add custom services to your Google My Business profile; I’m here to guide you.

Let’s Explore!

How do Custom Google Business Profile Services Affect Rankings?

A digital storefront for your business is necessary to thrive in the competitive industry. But not everyone has the expertise to make it happen. However, Google My Business is your go-to option for bringing your business to Google.

Whether you have technical knowledge or not, you can easily set up your business profile and list it for local search. 

Moreover, there are many factors involved in GMB that directly impact on ranking. But specifically, its new feature of adding custom services is hugely influencing local SEO. 

But how to do it?

Listing custom services is very simple. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to Google My Business dashboard and click on ‘Edit Service.’
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Select the service you want to edit

Now, you can add as many services as you want, along with pre-defined services.

Remember that adding or editing services on your profile influences explicit and implicit keywords more. This impact, however, varies across industries and markets.


Let’s see how local rankings will affected if we add or edit any specific service. Suppose you own a local restaurant, and your pre-defined services are dine-in, takeout, and delivery. However, to make an impact, you can add particular services like ‘party catering’, ‘fast delivery’, ‘theme decoration’, etc. 

So when people search for the specific service you are offering, you will notice an influential ranking in those areas.

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Key Tips to Follow While Adding Custom Services on Google Business Profile

Here are some tips you should follow while adding or editing custom services to optimize your Google business profile.

1. Relevant to Your Business

While adding the custom services, ensure they are related to your business. Also, use familiar titles that consumers would consider to use for searching.

For example, if you are running a bakery, instead of adding general food service, specify it with services like customized cake service or gluten-free bakery. This specification will give you benefits in local SEO ranking.

2. Use Local Keywords

Prioritize incorporating local keywords into the description of your custom services. It will help your potential customers easily reach out to you when they search for specific products or services in your targeted area.

For example, if you are a local landscape business owner and want to make yourself easily accessible in local search results, use keywords like affordable lawn care London or expert garden design London. This SEO strategy will support your business in local area search and improve its ranking.

3. User-Friendly Description 

Write clear and concise descriptions so customers can easily understand your service. This will help potential customers differentiate your services from others.

For example, you provide tech repair services. While listing your service description, use simple terms to explain, like quick device fixes or efficient tech solutions, instead of complex jargon. So your targeted customers can easily understand your services.

4. Accurate and Correct Information 

Giving a correct detail is important. Therefore, when you add details like business names, contact numbers, prices, addresses, etc., ensure they are updated and accurate.

Moreover, Google’s algorithm values consistency and accuracy. Adding correct details to your Google Business profile improves your business’s authenticity and gives better visibility in local searches.

5. Get Reviews for Custom Services

Social proof, like reviews of your service, can be a game-changer because when a business receives good customer reviews for a specific service, Google considers them when determining ranking. This will eventually result in improved ranking.

So, encourage your customers to give a review to help you improve rankings for all the services you provide.

7. Monitor Analytics

After updating your services, don’t leave GMB on its own. Instead, keep track of analytics provided by the profile. Monitor user interactions, your keywords’ performance, and your visibility on Google Maps. So, in case of any setback, you can modify your strategy and win a good ranking.

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Final Words About Custom Business Profile Services

Now you know that adding custom services to your Google My Business Profile really plays an effective role in improving your local SEO. So, without wasting a minute, now edit your custom services on your business profile and stand out from competitors in local searches.

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