How to Geotag Photos on Google My Business Profile

Have you ever considered the potential benefits of having your local business appear at the top of search results?

The increased exposure and revenue could be immense! it’s worth considering.

But how do you achieve this? Let me reveal the secret.

There is a powerful technique known as geotagging that offers impeccable benefits to your local SEO and Google My Business listings.

Have you heard about it? If not, don’t worry; I’m here to guide you about Geotagging and how you can geotag photos for Google. Let’s dig in!

What is Geotagging?

Geotagging is not a complex technique. You have to add geographical information like latitude and longitude coordinates to the digital content like photos, videos, etc.

Geotagging is a must-have for businesses. It’s like having a guide that brings customers to your door.

For example, if you upload your product photos with geotagging to pinpoint your location, individuals searching for similar products in your area can reach your business.

Now, your mind is clear about how geotagging works. Let’s find out the easiest ways to geotag your photos for Google My Business.

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5 Easy Ways of Geotagging Photos for Google My Business

Here are the few steps you can follow to geotagging your photos for GMB: 

1. Use a Geotagging Tool

Manually geotagging photos for Google is possible, but it’s a time-consuming process. So, it’s better to opt for geotagging tools available on the market. All you have to do is choose the tool based on your requirements and budget.

2. Geotag Your Business GPS Location

Now you have the tool, it is time to add the GPS coordinates of your business location into it. By doing this, you can confirm that the location tagging on your photos is correct.

3. Create the Perfect Title and Meta Description

The location you geotag on your photos on Google My Business is not the only thing that Google reads. So, to properly optimize them for search engines, it’s advisable to add catchy meta titles and descriptions. Also, to improve your ranking, you can add relevant keywords that perfectly define your photos and make them researchable for your targeted audience.

4. Finalizing and Downloading Your Geotagged Photo

After geotagging and optimizing your photos, you must finalize any extra edits before downloading the final version. 

5. Uploading Geotagged Photos into Google My Business

Now, your business geotagged photos are ready to upload on GMB. You can do it by 

  • Open your Google My Business dashboard and click on the menu.
  • Now select “Photos” and pick the category in which you want to upload an image.
  • After uploading, it will stay in your business listing and be visible to potential customers.

To learn how to geotag your photos for free, check out this video.

Why is it Necessary to use Geotag Photos for Google’s Business Profile?

If you are wondering why I’m advising business owners to geotag photos for Google business profiles, you looked into the benefits you can achieve for your business. There are many, but I’m listing the top ones.

Let’s check the benefits you will get with geotagging photos on Google:

1. Boost Local Search Ranking

Tagging your business location on a photo can help search engines identify your geographical location. When potential customers search for the product you offer in your area, geotagged photos are more likely to appear in their search results, which improves your ranking.

traffic from geotagging photos

Protip: If you want to maintain your local SEO ranking while adding geotags to your photos on Google My Business, consider offering custom services and actively engaging with customers by responding to their reviews.

2. Better Visibility on Mapping Service

Providing your business’s exact location can improve your visibility on Google Maps. Customers are more likely to find you when navigating your targeted area.

3. Increased Trust and Authenticity

Winning customer trust is tricky, but you can also unlock it easily with geotagged photos. When you show your location to customers, their trust builds up quickly because they know about your authenticity.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do geotag photos for GMB impact search results?

Yes, geotagging photos shows a direct impact on search results. Such images help Google know your business’s whereabouts and quickly show them in the relevant area searches.

How frequently should I update or review geotagged information for my business?

Review and update geotagged information of your business occasionally, especially if there are any changes to your location.

Do photos have automatic geotagging enabled?

Yes, if you use a mobile or camera with GPS enabled, it automatically adds geotag. 

Can I geotag multiple photos at once for Google My Business?

Yes, adding geotags in bulk is possible, but you’ll need a software or tool that supports this feature.

How long does it take for geotagged photos to appear on Google My Business?

It may take some time for your photos to appear on your business listing, usually from a few minutes to several hours.

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