How AI Will Shape Blogging In 2024? Is Blogging Dead

If you’re also worried about the statements: 

  • Blogging is dead.
  • Blogging won’t be profitable in the next 5 years
  • Artificial Intelligence will replace blogs.

You’ve found the right blog post to get answers. Whoever is repeating one of the above sentences to you has no idea of the ground reality and facts.

Blogging isn’t dead; instead, it’s evolving, and digital consumption will double in the future, opening doors to new and exciting niches.

However, it won’t be the same as it is now. Below, I’ll discuss how it will change and what the future holds for bloggers. So, let’s get into the details. 

The Future of Blogging With AI – My Opinion [Good & Bad]

I’ll say it clearly: the blogging business won’t be dead. The reason why I’m saying this is because Google needs blogs. 

Google is a search engine that’s designed to help individuals all around the world provide answers with the most relevant and helpful information. Don’t forget Google itself doesn’t give answers to the users; it show blog content. 

Think to yourself, what will Google do if there are no blogs? Yes, Google is focusing on AI like we’ve Bard, which is evolving with time. But guess what? AIl AI programs are trained by the data available on the internet.

The responses we get from AI programs depend on the data available on the internet, which is mostly from blogs. So, in a way, AI and Google both need the data from 600 million blogs available as of 2023. 

The Bad Side of AI for Blogging (Artificial Intelligence)!

So blogs are still and will always be relevant, PERIOD. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean there’s no danger of AI because blogging will change completely. 

The kind of blogging people are doing today, that just picks any one of the niches and starts writing about it will end. AI will undoubtedly open doors to many new niches, but many niches will die. The biggest example is a how-to niche (not completely, but most blogs that answer the simple question will die). 

If your blog is answering questions: 

  • How to feed a newborn kitten?
  • How to delete a page in Word?

I’ve got to be honest; your blogging future is in danger. AI can easily answer these questions with great detail. However, if you’re targeting queries that need human opinion or authority on the subject, like:

  • How to repair a corrupted WordPress database of website?

You’ve got a bright future ahead! Your unique insights and expertise are what will keep your blog going strong.

Can You Still Make Money from Blogging in 2024 and Beyond?

Yes, you can still create content and make money from blogging, but only if you play every move of the game carefully. You must pick a good niche that’s relevant even after AI, and people need expert insights.

You can take this blog post as an example; the query of this blog is whether or not blogging will be relevant in the future. Ai can’t provide the answer; the query suggests that the searcher wants to read blogs that are written by an expert who knows what will happen to blogging after AI. 

In short, there’s still money to be made in the blogging world, but it’s about being the expert in the room. Blogs about the “birthday wish niches” or answering simple questions won’t have a thriving future. 

How to Grow Your Blog in 2024? 3 Things No One Will Tell You! 

Here’s a brief guide on how to start your blog and grow it over time. I’ll share the three practices that I follow to get a loyal audience who’ll get back to your blog every time you consume your content.

1- Pick the Right Niche or Topic

The first and most important step to start a blog is to do niche research. Find out the SEO ranking difficulty for the keywords you want to target. But there’s one more thing: not everyone considers the niche future in the next ten years. 

Mark my words; a lot of niches will die with the emergence of AI. I’ve already shared examples of keywords or queries that don’t have a thriving future. If you’re targeting the same type of keywords, your blog may grow now, but considering the use of AI, I don’t think it will stay relevant. 

So, it’s important to consider a niche that has future, and target keywords which user’s intent is to get opinion of an expert not AI. 

2- Quality Over Quantity

Let’s be honest: no one can beat AI in terms of producing content in quantity. Google knows this, and that’s why the game of blogging isn’t about how many blog posts you have. It’s about the value you’re providing. 

Because if it’s about quantity, even Google can’t beat AI. You just need to give AI a few hints, and it can write thousands of words in the blink of an eye. This is really dangerous not only for bloggers but also for blog writers.

But here’s the thing: it all comes down to quality. AI doesn’t have that human touch. It can provide inaccurate or outdated info as it’s often trained on data from a few years back. Not everyone, but most people, will realize this fact in the upcoming years. 

So, when users are after real expertise or personal insights, they’ll turn to blogs, not AI. So, you should focus more on the quality of content rather than the quantity of blog posts.

3- Focus on Creating a Community

If you think ranking on search engines like Google or Bing is enough for the future – it’s a big mistake. Who knows, maybe your site is ranking on the top now, but it will go down to the second page tomorrow (nothing is certain in blogging). 

That’s why I always recommend building a community and forging connections with your audience. You can make use of email marketing and social media posts. 

You just need to act as a marketer, and do content marketing. Engage with your readers through social media platforms by posting daily or making video content. Have conversations with them, ask for their feedback, and find out what improvements they’d like to see on your blog.

By doing this, you’ll not only become an authority, but you’ll also build a loyal following that will stick with you, no matter where your blog lands in the search results.

Final Words

Hence, it’s confirmed that blogging won’t die in the near future, but it will change a lot. To sum up, your blogging success depends on the effort you’re willing to put in to help users. The more value you provide with content, the faster you’ll become the expert or an authority in your niche. 

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