Top 25 Christmas Marketing Ideas for 2023

Are you looking for some amazing Christmas marketing ideas for 2023? Yes, then feel free to scroll.

This guide is here to help your business shine during the upcoming Christmas season.  

 I’ve checked out what marketing ideas successful businesses follow to bring in more customers, and I’m sharing my findings below. The ideas below are divided into five categories. First, it is about simple website campaigns; then, it is about e-commerce stores, street marketing, small businesses, and social media. 

So, let’s make this Christmas extra special for your business!

5 Christmas marketing strategies for Websites 

I- Christmas Email Campaign

Email marketing is one of the best marketing types that can potentially drive thousands of customers if used properly. For Christmas, my suggestion for you is to start an email campaign. Share special Christmas deals and cheerful messages, and make them feel part of the holiday excitement. With a good plan, your emails can turn your subscribers into happy customers, making this Christmas a big win for your business. 

II- Launched Christmas Theme Landing Page

The second suggestion for this Christmas is to launch a theme-landing page. The page should be appealing, with Christmas colour themes like red and green. You can personalise the landing page more with Christmas trees and Santa Claus pictures. After designing, don’t forget to publish content related to your deals or service discounts so you’ll get more leads than regular business days.  


III- Design the Homepage of the Website 

Almost all homepage themes have a big background image section on the page. Usually, businesses create images that connect with what they do, but you should change them in the festive seasons. On Christmas, change the image as per the Christmas theme and offer your best deal on the homepage instead of any other landing page. This is an ideal opportunity to attract potential customers who usually go back from the homepage. 


IV- Redesign the Pop-up Notification 

Redesign your pop-up notifications with a festive touch. Update the design, incorporating holiday colours and cheerful graphics to match the Christmas spirit. Make sure your pop-ups highlight special Christmas promotions or limited-time offers. This way, when visitors see the pop-ups, they’ll feel the excitement of the season and be more likely to explore your festive deals.


V-Add Christmas Countdown Calendar 

Adding a Christmas countdown calendar is also a good practice to entice customers and go viral. You can use different plugins like HurryTimer or Sales Countdown Timer on your WordPress website or store. A Christmas countdown calendar adds a fun and festive element to your website, making it a memorable experience for visitors during the holiday season.

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5 Christmas Ideas to Increase E-Commerce Website Sale

I- Early Discount on Christmas 

Everyone offers a discount on Christmas, which, in a way, makes most of the marketing campaign the same. But you can do something a bit different. Instead of offering a discount on Christmas day, offer an early discount. For example, offering discounts a few days before, especially on items that your customers like. Then, do marketing of your early discount campaign by informing customers through email and social media pages so they can snag their favourite goodies.

II- Offer Valuable Gifts 

Another way to market your e-commerce store and boost your online presence on Christmas is by offering valuable gifts. Remember, I’m not recommending sending gifts to every other customer; my idea is to plan something to find out who your loyal customers are.

Check the customer list and purchasing history, and spread the word through emails and posts that you’re offering valuable gifts. It will help your customer understand that you truly value their presence in your store. 

III- Savings on Higher Spends 

If you want to make all of your customers happy, offer savings on higher spending. Redesign the background image of the homepage and design it according to the discount offer. Show your customers that you’re offering a big discount if they buy a lot of goods or an expensive item. It’s an excellent strategy to encourage increased spending while attracting a wider audience by providing something they can enjoy.


IV- Giveaway for Customers 

Giveaways also work well on the Christmas festival. This is one of the marketing campaigns that can get people excited. You just have to plan the giveaway properly and share the news on social media. Make it simple for your customers; don’t create plans that are too difficult to follow.

For instance, announce that on Christmas day, those who share family pictures with a specific hashtag can enter the giveaway. The best story and picture win the gift. Easy and straightforward.


V- Early Access for Discount Deals for Email Subscribers 

Do something special for your email subscribers this upcoming Christmas. These are the subscribers who are your loyal customers, who trusted you and provided their personal email addresses. You can offer early access to discount deals, so they’ll know that you remember them on special occasions and value their happiness. 


5 Street Marketing Ideas for Christmas 

I- Host Holiday Live Events 

One of the best ways to attract new customers on the street and do marketing for business is by hosting holiday events. Yes, it’s not affordable, and you have to spend a big amount, but it’s best for outreach. So, create a festive atmosphere by hosting live events on the street of the business on Christmas. Don’t forget to share the news of events with all of your customers and target audience using social media. 

II- Set Up Photo Ops

If there’s one thing the youth is crazy about, it’s photographers. They like to take memorable images of festivals; this is your opportunity to shine. Create eye-catching Christmas-related photo-ops outside of the business’s place. There’s a high chance people who’ll take photographs will come to the store as well. 


III- Aeroplane Banner Advertisements

If you’re planning something unique for the Christmas occasion in your store or restaurant and want to advertise it in the neighbourhood, an aeroplane banner advertisement is best. Take your message to the skies with aeroplane banner advertisements. Strategically fly banners with holiday promotions or greetings over high-traffic areas to capture people’s attention on the streets and in surrounding neighbourhoods.

IV- QR Made of Drones

Similar to the Airplane banner advertisement, you can use QR made of drones. It happened in Shanghai and became popular all around the world. Passersby can scan the code with their smartphones to access exclusive Christmas promotions or discounts. You can also do this in the area where your store is located so people who’ll come to see the QR code can visit the store. 


V- Surprise Singing/Dancing Flash Mob

Organise a surprise flash mob of singers or dancers in a crowded area. Perform a lively and festive routine that captures the spirit of Christmas, creating a memorable and shareable experience for those present. This spontaneous entertainment can generate buzz and positive associations with your brand all over social media. 


5 Marketing Ideas for Small Business 

I- Send Out Christmas Cards

For those who have a small business and not a big budget for a marketing campaign, Christmas cards are your saviour. There are two benefits. First, they’re not expensive, and you can send them to your loyal customers. Second, you can personalise the cards according to Christmas and your message. You’ll be able to express gratitude for customer support and include exclusive holiday deals or discounts to show your appreciation.


II- Gift-wrapping Services

If you have a gift store or sell something online that people pick for Christmas gifts, offering free gift-wrapping services is best. Share details about the discounts and deals on your social media pages, and tell your customers you’ll wrap their gifts beautifully for their loved ones free if they purchase on a specific date.  

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III- Host an Online Contest 

The most affordable Christmas campaign is hosting an online contest. By doing this, you can boost the engagement and excitement of your customers. Offer an exciting gift set like an air pod, gadgets or a cool backpack if they win by participating in the contest. 

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IV- Offer Free-Shipping 

Expensive shipping fees are one of the biggest deal-breakers for many customers. If you want to offer something enticing and attract customers, then use free shipping in your marketing campaign. Share on your website and social media that people who buy on specific days will get free shipping. This attractive incentive can increase conversions and make your products more appealing. 

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V- Customer Appreciation Giveaways

To show that you value all of your customers, offer personalised giveaways. But for this, you first need to find out your loyal customers. You can check the payment history or email list of people who always visit your online store for purchases. Once you’ve identified these valued customers, consider tailoring your giveaways to match their preferences or purchase history. It will make your customers feel truly special and strengthen the bond with your business. 

5 Christmas Marketing Ideas for Social Media 

I- Behind-the-Scenes Holiday Prep

People love brands to whom they feel connected emotionally. That’s why I always suggest marketing campaigns that bring customers and make them feel special. If your motive is the same, you should go for a behind-the-scenes holiday prep campaign. Share with your customers the upcoming Christmas deals, special gifts, and discounts you’ll offer to people who share their holiday preparation with your hashtags. 

II- Virtual Sing-Along Session

One thing that became immensely popular during lockdown days was virtual sing-along sessions. People from all over the world used to come online on a platform and sing along. The lockdown days have now passed, but that doesn’t mean the idea is of no use. You can offer special deals or gifts for people who sing best in online sessions. Advertise this idea all over social media so that anyone can come to the online session, and it can go viral. With this campaign, your old and potential customers can feel a positive connection towards your brands. 

III- Giveaways with Influencers

Influencers have a big impact on the social media audience. People listen to the advice of their favourite influencers and buy what they suggest. It’s a good opportunity, and to take advantage of this, you must find an influencer who can attract your target audience. Collaborate with the influencer and start an online game for festive giveaways. Just remember that the giveaway and message should be relatable to your brand’s Christmas message. 

IV- Storytelling Campaigns

There’s a story behind everything, whether it’s a product or an action, and that’s your marketing campaign idea for social media. Start a hashtag and encourage your customers to share video messages or pictures with stories about how they’re using your products this Christmas. Make sure they hashtag these posts on their accounts and you share them on your brand page. Give exclusive deals to customers who share their stories. 

V- Christmas Wish List Challenge

The last marketing campaign for social media is to tell your audience about the Christmas wish list challenge. It is basically a challenge to post a picture of the wishlist on social media and tag your page. Offer exclusive discounts to people who complete this challenge. This will not only enhance your brand presence on social media but also make your audience happy as you’re giving them a special discount. 

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Final Words

Now, you’ve about twenty-five Christmas marketing ideas for 2023. Just pick the one that resonates with your business the most. Select whether you want to start a marketing campaign for your e-commerce store, social media, website, small business, or street store. Let your chosen marketing approach spread festive joy and take your business to new heights. 

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