Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa

Imagine working in a café, hearing the gentle hum of the city while the historic beauty of Prague surrounds you. For digital nomads, freelancers, and remote workers, the Czech Republic has opened a new door. With a special visa designed just for you, balancing work and travel has never been easier.

Discover how the Czech Republic is welcoming the world’s online workforce. Dive in and start your next chapter!

Does Czech Republic Offer A Digital Nomad Visa?

Yes, the Czech Republic has introduced a new Digital Nomad Visa in July 2023. It’s designed for folks who work online, including freelancers and remote workers. With this visa, they can enjoy living and working in the Czech Republic for up to a year.

Why Choose Czech Republic as a Digital Nomad Destination?

Choosing the Czech Republic as a digital nomad destination offers a blend of rich history, affordable living, and vibrant city life, especially in places like Prague. Its central location in Europe also makes traveling to neighboring countries a breeze. Plus, with the new Digital Nomad Visa, it’s easier than ever for online workers to settle and explore.

Who Is Eligible For Czech Republic’s Digital Nomad Visa?

For the Czech Republic’s Digital Nomad Visa, typically online workers like freelancers and remote employees can apply.

What Are The Requirements For A Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa?

To get a Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa, you’ll likely need proof of ongoing remote work or freelance contracts, sufficient income to support yourself, and valid health insurance.

How Much Income Do You Need To Acquire A Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa?

To get the Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa, you need to prove a steady income of at least CZK 124,500 (appx. €5,084).

Can I Bring My Family With Me On The Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa?

Yes, you can bring your family with you on the Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa. However, there might be additional requirements or steps for family members, so it’s wise to check with official sources for specifics.

How Long Is The Validity Of The Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa?

The Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa is valid for one year.

Am I Allowed To Work Locally In Czech Republic While On A Digital Nomad Visa?

No, the Digital Nomad Visa for the Czech Republic is designed for remote work and doesn’t allow you to take local employment.

Can The Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa Be Converted Into A Work Visa?

No, the Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa is separate and can’t be directly converted into a work visa. If you wish to work locally, you’d need to apply for a different visa or permit.

What Is The Procedure For The Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa?

To apply for the Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa, you’ll typically submit an application, provide proof of remote work or freelance contracts, show sufficient income, and have valid health insurance.

Is An Interview Required For The Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa?

Yes, an interview is usually required for the Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa application process. It’s typically conducted at a Czech embassy or consulate.

Can I Get A Czech Republic Visa Without IELTS?

Yes, you can apply for a Czech Republic visa without IELTS. The IELTS is an English language proficiency test, and its requirement varies based on the visa type and purpose. For the Digital Nomad Visa, language proficiency like IELTS isn’t typically a mandatory requirement.

What Is The Required Bank Balance For The Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa?

For the Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa, applicants need to have at least CZK 124,500 (appx. €5,084) in their bank account as proof of financial stability.

What Is The Fee For The Czech Republic Visa?

The fee for the Czech Republic visa typically ranges from €60 to €160. However, always check with the Czech Republic’s official website or embassy for the most up-to-date fee information.

What Is The Processing Time For The Czech Republic Visa?

The processing time for the Czech Republic’s Schengen visa, valid for stays up to 90 days, typically takes up to 15 days. However, during busy periods with many applications, this can extend to 30 days. In rare, exceptional cases, it might even take up to 60 days. For the most accurate details, it’s best to consult the Czech Republic’s official channels.

How To Avoid Czech Republic Visa Rejection?

To minimize the chances of a Czech Republic visa rejection, make sure all your documents are complete and current. Show clear evidence of enough funds for your stay and have valid travel insurance. Additionally, having proof of intent to return, such as a return ticket or a job back home, can be helpful. It’s always wise to closely follow the official visa application guidelines.

Can I Open A Bank Account In Czech Republic As A Digital Nomad?

Yes, as a digital nomad in the Czech Republic, you can open a bank account. However, each bank might have its own requirements, so it’s recommended to check directly with your chosen bank beforehand.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Czech Republic For Digital Nomads?

The cost of living for digital nomads in the Czech Republic is relatively moderate. While prices can vary, cities like Prague are more expensive than smaller towns. On average, a digital nomad might spend between €1,000 to €1,500 a month, covering accommodation, food, transportation, and other basic expenses. It’s always wise to research current prices based on your lifestyle needs.

What Career Options Are Available In Czech Republic For Digital Nomads?

For digital nomads in the Czech Republic, career options align with remote and online fields. Common roles include web development, graphic design, content writing, online marketing, and virtual assistance. While the Digital Nomad Visa focuses on remote work, it’s always beneficial to network locally for collaboration and freelance opportunities within the expat and local business communities.

What Are The Best Cities In Czech Republic For Digital Nomads?

For digital nomads, the best cities in the Czech Republic offer a blend of connectivity, amenities, and cultural experiences. Here are some top picks:

  1. Prague: The capital is a hotspot for its vibrant lifestyle, coworking spaces, and historical charm.
  2. Brno: Known for its tech hubs and relaxed pace, it’s becoming increasingly popular with digital workers.
  3. Ostrava: An industrial city transforming into a modern hub with a growing number of cafes and spaces for nomads.
  4. České Budějovice: A quieter option with a historic center, it’s great for those wanting a smaller town feel.
  5. Pilsen: Known for its beer, this city also offers cultural events and a more laid-back atmosphere.

What Are The Best Cafes In Czech Republic For Digital Nomads?

  1. Ema Espresso Bar: Minimalist ambiance with top-notch coffee.
  2. Kavárna Co Hledá Jméno: Spacious with a relaxed vibe, great for working.
  3. La Bohème Café: Excellent coffee with comfortable seating options.
  4. SKØG Urban Hub: Trendy spot with a Scandinavian design touch.
  5. Industra Coffee: Coffee meets coworking, offering a productive ambiance.
  6. Café Le Petit: Cozy spot known for its delightful coffee and pastries.
  7. Black Kale Café: Modern interior with a focus on quality brews.
  8. Velbloud: A harmonious blend of music, culture, and delectable coffee.
  9. La Torretta Café: Famous for its rich espresso drinks and tempting desserts.

What are the Benefits of the Malta Digital Nomad Visa compared to the Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa?

The benefits of malta’s new digital nomad visa are distinct when compared to the Czech Republic’s digital nomad visa. Malta offers a more attractive tax environment with its reduced tax rates and no minimum stay requirement. Additionally, Malta’s strategic location in the Mediterranean offers a pleasant climate, easy access to Europe, and a thriving expat community.

What Are The Best Co-Working Spaces In Czech Republic For Digital Nomads?

Here are some of the best co-working spaces for digital nomads:

  1. Opero (Prague): Located in a historic building, it offers a mix of elegance with modern amenities.
  2. Node5 (Prague): Known for its strong community and frequent tech events, it’s ideal for networking.
  3. Locus Workspace (Prague): A favorite among international freelancers and remote workers.
  4. Impact Hub (Multiple Locations): Found in cities like Prague, Brno, and Ostrava, it’s a part of a global network, known for its vibrant community and events.
  5. The Distillery (Brno): A social hub with a focus on collaboration, perfect for those looking to connect with fellow nomads.
  6. Coworking Centrum (České Budějovice): Offers a comfortable workspace in the heart of the city.
  7. WorkLounge (Prague): Modern spaces with a community feel, and even offers mentoring sessions.
  8. MeetUp Place (Brno): Centrally located, it provides a blend of workspaces and networking opportunities.
  9. Prostor Coworking (Pilsen): Known for its spacious environment and creative energy.
  10. COIN Coworking (Ostrava): Provides a friendly atmosphere in the industrial city’s heart.

These spaces are valued not just for their facilities but also for the networking, events, and community they foster, catering to the diverse needs of digital nomads.

10 Must-Try Czech Republic Dishes For Digital Nomads

Here are 10 must-try dishes:

  1. Svíčková: A marinated beef dish served with a rich creamy sauce, often accompanied by bread dumplings.
  2. Guláš: While similar to Hungarian goulash, the Czech version is a thicker stew, typically made of beef, onions, and spices, served with bread dumplings.
  3. Knedlíky: Bread or potato dumplings that often accompany meat dishes.
  4. Vepřo-knedlo-zelo: Roast pork with bread dumplings and stewed cabbage, a Czech classic.
  5. Smazeny Syr: Deep-fried cheese, typically served with tartar sauce and potatoes or fries.
  6. Trdelník: A sweet pastry rolled around a stick, grilled and then topped with sugar and walnuts.
  7. Česnečka: Garlic soup, often containing potatoes and topped with croutons.
  8. Moravský vrabec: Also known as “Moravian Sparrow”, it’s a pork dish, but no sparrows are involved! It’s typically seasoned, braised, and served with cabbage.
  9. Bramboračka: Potato soup made with a variety of vegetables and mushrooms.
  10. Palačinky: Thin Czech pancakes, somewhat similar to French crêpes, filled with jam, cream, or nuts, and then rolled up.

Top 10 Delicious And Popular Fruits In Czech Republic

Here’s a list of 10 delicious and popular fruits you can find in the Czech Republic:

  1. Apples (Jablka): A staple in many Czech desserts and widely consumed fresh.
  2. Pears (Hrušky): Like apples, pears are commonly grown and consumed both fresh and in recipes.
  3. Plums (Švestky): Especially popular in the making of slivovice, a traditional plum brandy.
  4. Cherries (Višně): Often used in traditional Czech desserts like pies or compotes.
  5. Red Currants (Červený rybíz): These tart berries are often turned into jams or jellies.
  6. Blackberries (Ostružiny): Found in forests, they’re popular for jams and fresh consumption.
  7. Gooseberries (Agrest): Used in both sweet and savory dishes.
  8. Strawberries (Jahody): Enjoyed fresh, in desserts, or as jams.
  9. Raspberries (Maliny): A summer favorite, consumed fresh, in desserts, or as part of refreshing drinks.
  10. Blueberries (Borůvky): Commonly found in Czech forests, they’re popular for snacking, baking, and jam-making.

Many of these fruits, especially berries, also play a role in traditional Czech liqueurs and spirits, adding to the rich culinary heritage of the country.

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The Czech Republic’s Digital Nomad Visa is a great chance for people who work online to live in a beautiful country. It’s not too hard to apply, and once you get it, you can work and explore all the cool places, tasty foods, and fun things the country has to offer. Whether you’re in the lively city of Prague or in the calm countryside, this visa lets you work and play in the Czech Republic. So, if you’re thinking about a new place to live and work, this could be the perfect choice!

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