Colombia Digital Nomad Visa

Have you ever dreamt of working remotely while immersing yourself in a vibrant culture surrounded by breathtaking landscapes? Colombia Digital Nomad Visa might just be your gateway to this dream.

Launched in October 2022, this visa allows freelancers and remote workers to work in Colombia while enjoying the nation’s captivating environment. 

In this comprehensive guide, I will take you through the crucial aspects of the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa, along with valuable insights and practical information. So, let’s begin. 

Quick Colombia Facts

  • Location: Situated in the northwest corner of South America, bordered by Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.
  • Capital: Bogotá, which is also the largest city in the country.
  • Official Language: Spanish, with a wide variety of regional accents and indigenous languages.
  • Currency: Colombian Peso (COP).
  • Famous for Coffee: Renowned globally for its high-quality coffee, particularly from the Coffee Triangle region.
  • Biodiversity: One of the world’s most biodiverse countries, home to many flora and fauna, including numerous endemic species.
  • Cultural Heritage: Rich cultural heritage, including the famous Carnival of Barranquilla, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • National Symbol: The Andean Condor is also featured on the country’s coat of arms.
  • Historical Sites: Home to numerous archaeological sites, including the ancient city of Ciudad Perdida and the San Agustín Archaeological Park.
  • Geography: Features diverse landscapes, from the Amazon rainforest and Andean mountains to Caribbean and Pacific coastlines.

Does Colombia Offer A Digital Nomad Visa?

Yes, Colombia offers a digital nomad visa. This visa is designed for remote workers and digital nomads who wish to live and work in the country for a specific period.

Why Choose Colombia as a Digital Nomad Destination?

Colombia has affordable living costs, vibrant culture, and diverse landscapes. Besides that, the country offers high-speed internet access in major cities, a growing community of remote workers, and a pleasant climate year-round. All these aspects, combined, make it a top choice for digital nomads.

Who Is Eligible For Colombia’s Digital Nomad Visa?

Colombia’s Digital Nomad Visa is specifically designed for professionals and entrepreneurs who work remotely. To be eligible, applicants are required to provide evidence of their remote employment or business ownership. Additionally, they must demonstrate a stable income and ensure they are not employed by a company based in Colombia.

What Are The Requirements For A Colombia Digital Nomad Visa?

For the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa, applicants must show proof of a stable remote job, sufficient income to support their stay, and valid health insurance. Additionally, it’s essential to fulfill basic requirements such as having a passport and comprehensive health coverage.

How Much Income Do You Need To Acquire A Colombia Digital Nomad Visa?

To acquire a Colombia Digital Nomad Visa, an individual must demonstrate a monthly income of at least $865.45. This requirement ensures that digital nomads can sustain themselves financially while residing in Colombia.

Can I Bring My Family With Me On The Colombia Digital Nomad Visa?

You can bring your family with you on the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa. However, each family member needs to apply separately for their dependent visas. Moreover, there may be specific requirements or documentation needed for the application.

How Long Is The Validity Of The Colombia Digital Nomad Visa?

The Colombia Digital Nomad Visa is typically valid for two years. This allows digital nomads to reside and work remotely in the region for an extended period without the need for frequent visa renewals.

Am I Allowed To Work Locally In Colombia While On A Digital Nomad Visa?

You cannot work locally in Colombia while on a Digital Nomad Visa. This visa category is designed for remote work in collaboration with foreign companies and does not permit local employment.

Can The Colombia Digital Nomad Visa Be Converted Into A Work Visa?

The Colombia Digital Nomad Visa itself cannot be converted into a work visa. However, if you plan to work for a Colombian employer or establish a business in Colombia, you must apply for the appropriate work or business visa separately.

What Is The Procedure For The Colombia Digital Nomad Visa?

The procedure for obtaining the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa is quite simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Apply through the Colombian immigration website or at a Colombian consulate in your home country.
  2. Submit the required documents and pay a fee to complete the process. 
  3. If your application is approved, you’ll receive a visa stamp in your passport, and you can enter Colombia to start your digital nomad journey.

Is An Interview Required For The Colombia Digital Nomad Visa?

No, an interview is not required for the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa. The application process typically involves submitting the required documents and forms online or at a Colombian consulate, and there is no formal interview as part of the process.

Can I Get A Colombia Visa Without IELTS?

Yes, obtaining a Colombia Digital Nomad Visa without an IELTS is possible. However, requirements may change over time, so it’s wise to check with the Colombian embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date information.

What Is The Required Bank Balance For The Colombia Digital Nomad Visa?

There is no fixed bank balance required for the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa. Instead, applicants will typically need proof of sufficient funds to support their living expenses during their stay in Colombia.

What Is The Fee For The Colombia Visa?

Typically, the application fee for the Colombia digital nomad visa is $52. It’s a relatively affordable option for digital nomads looking to experience the culture and lifestyle of Colombia while continuing their work online.

What Is The Processing Time For The Colombia Visa?

The processing time for the Colombia digital nomad visa is typically around 30 days. It’s recommended to apply well before your planned travel date to ensure sufficient time for processing and approval.

How To Avoid Colombia Visa Rejection?

To avoid Colombia visa rejection, following the application requirements carefully is crucial. Firstly, ensure all necessary documents are complete and accurate. Additionally, maintain transparency throughout the process and provide genuine information. Moreover, consider seeking assistance from a visa consultant or legal expert. Following these steps can enhance your chances of a successful Colombia visa application.

Can I Open A Bank Account In Colombia As A Digital Nomad?

Yes, it is possible to open a bank account in Colombia as a digital nomad. Many banks in the country offer accounts for foreigners, and some may not require a permanent address. However, specific requirements may vary by bank, so it’s advisable to check with the bank of your choice for their specific criteria and documentation.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Colombia For Digital Nomads?

The cost of living in Colombia for digital nomads can vary depending on your lifestyle and location. On average, you can expect the following approximate monthly expenses in Colombian cities:

  • Accommodation: Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a city center can range from $300 to $600 per month, while it may be slightly lower outside the city center.
  • Food: Monthly groceries can cost around $150 to $200. Dining out at local restaurants is affordable, with meals ranging from $3 to $10.
  • Transportation: Public transportation is economical, and a monthly pass costs about $30. Taxis and rideshares are also reasonably priced.
  • Internet and Utilities: High-speed internet costs approximately $20 to $40 per month, and utilities (electricity, water, gas) add an extra $50 to $100.
  • Co-Working Spaces: If you choose to work from a co-working space, expect to pay between $60 to $150 per month.
  • Entertainment: The cost of entertainment varies, but movie tickets, for example, may cost around $5 to $7.

Overall, the cost of living in Colombia is generally lower than in many Western countries, making it an attractive destination for digital nomads. However, consider that prices vary significantly between cities, with Bogotá being relatively more expensive than smaller towns and cities.

Benefits of Living in Colombia as a Digital Nomad Visa

Living in Colombia as a digital nomad visa holder offers several benefits:

  • Scenic Beauty: Colombia boasts diverse landscapes, from beautiful beaches to lush mountains and vibrant cities. Digital nomads can enjoy stunning natural scenery while working remotely.
  • Affordable Cost of Living: Colombia is known for its low cost of living, making it budget-friendly for digital nomads. Accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment are generally more affordable than in many Western countries.
  • Cultural Richness: The country has a rich cultural heritage blending indigenous, African, and European influences. You can immerse yourself in diverse music, art, festivals, and cuisine.
  • Warm Climate: Most parts of Colombia have a pleasant tropical climate, making it an ideal destination for those who prefer warm weather.
  • Friendly Locals: Colombians are known for their warmth and hospitality, making it easy to connect with locals and feel welcome.
  • Growing Digital Nomad Community: Colombia is becoming increasingly popular among digital nomads, leading to the growth of co-working spaces and networking opportunities.

What Career Options Are Available In Colombia For Digital Nomads?

Colombia offers a range of career options for digital nomads due to its growing economy and increasing popularity among remote workers. Here are some career options available for digital nomads in Colombia:

  • Freelancing: Many digital nomads choose to work as freelancers in fields such as web design, graphic design, content writing, digital marketing, and programming. Colombia’s lower cost of living can benefit freelancers seeking affordable living while earning in foreign currency.
  • Virtual Assistance: Virtual assistance services, such as administrative support, social media management, or customer service, are a viable option for digital nomads. Many businesses in Colombia seek virtual assistants to help with their operations.
  • Online Consulting: If you have expertise in a particular industry, you can offer online consulting services to Colombian businesses. This includes fields like business development, marketing, finance, and technology.
  • E-Commerce and Dropshipping: Operating an e-commerce business or dropshipping products can be profitable in Colombia, where there is a growing consumer market. Digital nomads can manage their online stores while enjoying the low cost of living.
  • Remote Software Development: Colombia has an emerging tech industry, and digital nomad software developers can find opportunities to work remotely for tech companies.

What Are The Best Cities In Colombia For Digital Nomads?

Colombia offers a variety of cities for digital nomads, each with its unique charm and opportunities. Here are some of the best cities for digital nomads in Colombia:

  • Medellín: Known as the “City of Eternal Spring,” Medellín boasts a pleasant climate, affordable living costs, and a thriving digital nomad community. The city offers numerous co-working spaces and a vibrant nightlife.
  • Bogotá: Colombia’s capital city, Bogotá, is a bustling metropolis with a growing tech scene. It provides access to many professional opportunities, cultural attractions, and a diverse culinary scene.
  • Cali: Cali is famous for its salsa music and dance culture. It’s an excellent choice for digital nomads interested in learning salsa while enjoying a lower cost of living.
  • Cartagena: If you prefer coastal living, Cartagena is a picturesque destination with beautiful beaches and a historic old town. It’s a hotspot for tourism and remote work opportunities in hospitality and tourism-related businesses.
  • Santa Marta: Located on the Caribbean coast, Santa Marta offers a laid-back atmosphere, stunning beaches, and proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s ideal for digital nomads seeking a beachfront lifestyle.
  • Pereira: In the heart of Colombia’s coffee region, Pereira combines a tranquil environment with opportunities in agriculture, tourism, and technology. It’s a great option for those who appreciate natural beauty and coffee culture.

What Are The Best Cafes In Colombia For Digital Nomads?

Colombia is renowned for its coffee culture, and there are plenty of cafes where digital nomads can work comfortably. Here are some of the best cafes for remote work:

  • Café Velvet (Medellín): Known for its excellent coffee and cozy atmosphere, Café Velvet provides a welcoming space for digital nomads to work while sipping on Colombian coffee.
  • Devoción (Bogotá): Devoción is a top-tier coffee roastery in Bogotá, offering a serene environment with plenty of seating and great Wi-Fi for remote work.
  • Abacus Books & Coffee (Cali): It combines a bookstore with a cafe, making the workspace a perfect spot to work, read, and enjoy Colombian coffee.
  • San Alberto (Cartagena): San Alberto is a specialty coffee shop with a stunning location in Cartagena’s old town. It’s a delightful place to work while enjoying a view of the historic streets.
  • Café Bonsai (Santa Marta): Situated in Santa Marta, Café Bonsai offers a tranquil garden setting, making it an oasis for digital nomads looking for a peaceful work environment.
  • Café del Oso (Pereira): In the coffee region, Café del Oso is a charming spot with a rustic atmosphere. It’s a great place to work while surrounded by coffee farms.

What Are The Best Co-Working Spaces In Colombia For Digital Nomads?

For digital nomads who prefer dedicated workspaces, Colombia offers a growing number of co-working spaces. Here are some of the best options:

  • Selina (Medellín): Selina is a well-known co-working chain in Medellín. It offers modern facilities, networking events, and a creative atmosphere.
  • WeWork (Bogotá): WeWork has a presence in Bogotá, providing a professional co-working environment with all the amenities needed for remote work.
  • Wingo (Cali): Wingo is a co-working space in Cali known for its comfortable workstations, high-speed internet, and collaborative community.
  • CoWork Latam (Cartagena): CoWork Latam in Cartagena offers flexible workspaces, meeting rooms, and a central location in the city.
  • The Pallet (Santa Marta): The Pallet is a co-working space in Santa Marta with a beachy vibe, perfect for those who want to combine work with a coastal lifestyle.
  • Manizales Hub (Manizales): Manizales Hub is a co-working space in the coffee region, providing an ideal environment for digital nomads looking to work in a serene setting.

10 Must-Try Colombia Dishes For Digital Nomads

Colombian cuisine offers a delightful mix of flavors influenced by its diverse regions. Here are ten must-try Colombian dishes for digital nomads:

  1. Bandeja Paisa: A hearty dish from Medellín, it includes beans, rice, ground meat, plantains, chicharrón (crispy pork belly), avocado, and a fried egg.
  2. Arepas: These cornmeal patties are a Colombian staple and come in various forms, including Arepa de Queso (cheese-filled) and Arepa de Choclo (sweet corn arepa).
  3. Empanadas: Colombian empanadas are typically stuffed with meat, potatoes, and spices, then deep-fried to perfection.
  4. Sancocho: A hearty soup made with various types of meat (chicken, beef, pork), vegetables, and plantains, often served with rice and avocado.
  5. Patacones: Thick, fried green plantains served as a side dish or snack, often topped with cheese, guacamole, or hogao sauce.
  6. Lechona: A traditional dish from Tolima, it consists of a whole roasted pig stuffed with rice, peas, and spices, resulting in a flavorful combination.
  7. Bandeja Rellena: Similar to Bandeja Paisa but with a twist—this dish includes stuffed, breaded steak and is a culinary delight.
  8. Sobrebarriga: A Colombian-style flank steak dish cooked slowly with a flavorful sauce and typically served with potatoes and vegetables.
  9. Ajíaco: A creamy potato soup featuring chicken, capers, corn on the cob, and avocado, making it a comforting Colombian classic.
  10. Cazuela de Mariscos: A seafood stew with a rich coconut milk base featuring shrimp, fish, and other seafood, often served in coastal regions.

Top 10 Delicious And Popular Fruits in Colombia

Colombia’s tropical climate lends itself to an abundance of delicious fruits. Here are ten popular Colombian fruits you must try:

  1. Lulo: A citrus fruit with green, wrinkled skin and tangy-sweet pulp, often used in refreshing beverages.
  2. Guava: This fragrant fruit is enjoyed fresh or in juices and desserts, offering a sweet and slightly gritty texture.
  3. Mango: Colombian mangoes are sweet, juicy, and available in various varieties, making them a tropical delight.
  4. Pineapple: Colombian pineapples are known for their vibrant flavor and juiciness.
  5. Papaya: Often served in fruit salads or smoothies, papaya is sweet and offers digestive benefits.
  6. Passion Fruit (Maracuyá): A unique fruit with a sweet-tart flavor, often used to make juices and desserts.
  7. Aguacate (Avocado): Colombian avocados are creamy and delicious, enjoyed in salads, sandwiches, or as a side dish.
  8. Granadilla: This fruit has a jelly-like interior filled with seeds, offering a sweet and refreshing taste.
  9. Guanabana (Soursop): Known for its spiky green exterior, guanabana has a sweet, custard-like pulp often used in smoothies and desserts.
  10. Pitaya (Dragon Fruit): With its vibrant pink or white flesh and black seeds, pitaya is visually stunning and offers a mildly sweet flavor.


To wrap it up, Colombia Digital Nomad Visa presents an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking to combine work and adventure in one of South America’s most vibrant and diverse countries. So, seize this opportunity, embark on your adventure, and make the most of your time in this remarkable country.

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